Wednesday, 25 July 2012

What to consider before buying a new Android Phone.

Switching to Android but don't know much about the ecosystem, well we are here to help you secure a better Android Phone for you. For all those who are switching from Iphone there is one thing to note down carefully, it not all fair here and the roads are not all that friendly. As opposed to Apple there is very less chances that your Android phone will even get the latest operating system update, I mean it.
Android  though can provide you the freedom of choices be it of hardware or the software. Since the platform is open sourced so there are numbers of manufactures providing wider range of products and in equally wide price range.
There are few things you must consider before buying an Android phone or Android Tablet. I am going to discuss them in brief.

1. Check for the Company reputation about how often they update their old products to new OS releases.

There are numerous manufactures of Android devices and all of them are not equally eager to update their old products be it for compelling their customer for newer products or they simply don't bother that much about their loyal customer. Though if you buy those Nexus devices from Google then there are chances that your device will at least climb one stair up.

2. What is your Price range.

Well it the best part of being open source, you can get all kinds of devices at wider price range.  There are plenty of choices when it comes to Android phone so do check the online store for prices comparison.

3. Option to upgrade memory limit.

You can get Android phone having expandable memory support to no external memory option at all. So do  check for this options and some providers even bundles free memory cards with there phones.

4. Whats your primary requirements.

There are Game specific Android phone like Sony Xperia with specific game control pad to phones having brilliant display and large screen for consuming media. A large screen phone truly makes web surfing a charm. Sony provide Bravia engines to make Video on your phone come alive.

5. Physical keypad or Touch Keypads.

Android do gives you choices. If your fingers are gigantic then do prefer physical keypads, they are even better when you text a lot.

6. For Audiophile.

Android phones like HTC comes with Beat Audio to let you enjoy your music in best possible clarity.

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