Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Switching from Iphone to Android - These apps will make the move easy.

Switching from Iphone to Android can be pain if you are a complete newbie when it comes to Android ecosystem. In reality as the Android has grown so has apps ecosystem and eventually the gap between the two platform has lessen.
If you have just bought the Android phone and wondering how to get settle with it without missing your Iphone, here are the apps you will need.

Transfer your Phone-book :

Migration+ (transfer contacts) : This is a great app to transfer contact. Just install it your iphone4 , export all your contacts. Then install it on your Android and imported everything.
Alternatively you can copy / move you contacts from iphone to SIM and then from SIM to Android phone.

Email : 

If you were using Gmail  on Iphone then you will feel like home here on Android. K-9 is another alternative in case you want something different.

Read saved webpages.

You will be glad to know that Instapaper and Pocket is available on Android too, so if you are using it on your Iphone then just install it on Android from Google Play and sign in, just that easy.

Browser wars :

If you own an Android phone having operating system older than Android Ice cream Sandwich than you will have to definitely find a web Browser, Try Dolphin browser, its the best.
For Android 4.0 and above download Chrome browser - the best.
For bookmarks download :  Chromemarks

News Reader :

Good to know that all of the popular IOS news reader are available on Android also. Just hit the link to download them.
Google currents

Music Player :

Your Android come with Google Music where you can buy music at affordable price but if you still miss the sync feature of Itune then download these app.

Double Twist Player
Double Twist Airsync

Podcast :

Missing podcasts, here are the apps to bring your favorite episodes.
Pocket casts

Siri Alternative :

In reality there is still no real alternative to Siri on Android but there are some similar apps which you can download. If you are lucky one you can get Google Now on Android on Google latest  offering Andoroid Jelly Bean.
Else download this app :  Dragon Go

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