Wednesday, 25 July 2012

List of things on which Apple IOS fall short of Android.

Emergence of Android has definitely  cracked the bricked wall of Apple loyal users. Android has definitely provided few choices that are not available in IOS or are strictly closed to users. Let's discuss them in different aspects.
Comparing Hardware :
  • removable Battery
  • SD Card support (on most)
  • uses Standard USB cable
  • more screen sizes/keyboard/carrier options
  • 4G radios
  • NFC Radio
  • FM radio (on Some)
  • Car docks that enable driving mode, keyboards or other native accessories that android uses.
  • LED notification light
  • Open USB Drive access (for easy storage or transfer)
  • More Durable construction
  •   Affordable Price range.
Software :
  • Install non market apps
  • Attach any files to any email
  • No proprietary software with bloatware needed for data transfer
  • True App integration (Facebook, Google voice, use non-default camera in other apps, "Share buttons", etc)
  • customization (alternative keyboards, lockscreens, notifications, dialers, etc)
  • Free Google Maps Navigation (with integration of voice search, google earth, places, lattitude, etc)
  • Native Google apps/support (google wallet, google voice, better gmail)
  • Adobe Flash websites
  • Home screen (widgets:Customize-able, Open to devs, More options as opposed to Notification/Apple only widgets)
  • Live wallpapers
  • True Multi-tasking
  • Alternate market store
  • Open source/Custom Roms, Runs tablets, e readers, phones and watches.
  • More open API (less restrictions) for developers
  • Themes

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