Saturday, 14 July 2012

DarkCalc, An awsome floating calculator for your Android.

Since the introduction of floating app in Samsung Galaxy S3, it has gain huge popularity among Android users and also revealed the true power of the hugely popular OS.
There are many floating Calculator app available in the Google Play, but all of them lack the scientific capability which is always a welcome function.
Thanks to the XDA-Developers darkpain, who has created this beautiful app called DarkCalc, having functionality like minimizing, resizing and above all a beautiful user interface.

Features(v1.1) :
1.Normal-fixed and floating support
2.Hide/Resize/Move support
3.Multiple calculators support
4.Change background color for popup
5.Change background transparency for popup
6.Enable/Disable button vibration for both calculators
7.Change button vibration duration for both calculators
8.Basic and Scientific panels in both calculators
9.Added 1/x and % functions in both calculators.
10.History view and delete support for normal calculator.
11.Ability to move-hide popup DarkCalc outside of your screen. 


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