Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Best 20 Android Games under 1$.

Android apps has grown leaps and bounds in last one and half years and now boast a respectable numbers of apps be it games or be it non game apps. Best part is the continuous and rapid growth in the quality of the games as compared to other mobile platforms.
There are plenty of free games available in the Google Play not to mention but still if you really want to entertain yourself utilizing the full potential of your Android Phone then you can buy some of the best games without burning a hole in your pocket and one thing more it will definitely help developers to create newer and more entertaining games as they will get their rewards, because it does cost a lot creating new games.

Here are the 20 app which you can buy under 1$ from Google Play.
  1. Amazing Alex
  2. Where's my Water
  3. Temple run
  4. Cut the rope : experiments
  5. Spy Mouse
  6. Snappy Dragons
  7. Bonzai Blowfish
  8. Twist n Catch
  9. The Moron Test
  10. Greedy Spiders
  11. Move the Box
  12. Drop the Box
  13. Sprinkle
  14. The Marbians
  15. Drainworks
  16. Carnival of Horrors
  17. Angry Birds Space
  18. Where's my Perry
  19. Magic Portals
  20. Bee Avenger HD

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