Wednesday, 27 June 2012

How to make any ebook an Audiobook.

You must be thinking that audibooks will definetly phase the ebooks on mobile devices mainly those having LCD screens. You also must be concerned with the size of an audiobook which certainly is much more than the beloved ebook. But now you can have an audiobook of the size of an ebook and  all that in just few bucks.
You will need two apps which are available in Google Play store. First of all install Svox text to speech app which is free in the Google Play. Secondaly install Moon+ Reader Pro from Google Play which will cost you few buck.
Now go to your Android Settings and select text to speech tab and chhose Svox Speech to text engine which will download the data, while you can flip some news on Flipboard.
Open the Moon Reader app and there you will find option for text to speech. Now what, just plug in your
favourite headphone and listen to your heart.

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