Sunday, 13 November 2011

Galaxy tab p1000default music player

The world's first 7inch android tablet running the phone version of android OS, froyo (updated to gingerbread) boast some well builts factory preloaded application both in terms of function they perform as well as the user interface they have been awarded with.
One such application is the default "music player", it feautres a practical user interface partially like the ipod app on Apple ipad, forget not it was introduced as a ipad rival.

Talking about the UI, there are tabs provided at the top which can be customised.
In the album tab, touching the album art opens the songs of the album which furter can be scrolled to select the song.

The sound quality is very good thanks to the surround sound and equillizers.

In the now playing mode user can select the various songs from he album without switching tabs.

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